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English Version 

eMargo: the digital margin

The marginal note is a tried and true old friend in the text-oriented scientific disciplines. The name eMargo pays tribute to the original function of this tool. eMargo makes it possible to add digital margins to all kinds of texts. These margins can be used for commentaries, notes, explanations, etc. In other words, eMargo offers the same "services" that were provided by the good old side margin of printed documents, but in digital form. It also enables the user to mark and unmark text, as well as to edit and to deploy the marginal notes elsewhere in the document.

eMargo: interactive lecture notes

eMargo can do even more. The digital margin can be converted to a public discussion forum. If eMargo is used in the form of interactive lecture notes, things like questions, remarks, divergent opinions, etc., can be discussed and clarified online with the instructor and the learners. Using eMargo in this kind of situation introduces dimensions such as dialogue, discourse, and feedback which, to date, have usually been excluded.